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We are the largest Trade Union in Caerphilly, supporting public service employees.

We recognise that unity is our strength and work tirelessly to promote truth, justice and equality. Our purpose is not just to be a voice for the voiceless but to give them a voice of their own.

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Fair Pay


UNISON believe that council and school workers deserve a decent pay rise. Read more about the ongoing campaign below and look out for these images on Caerphilly buses soon!

Link to Fair Pay here.

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October 2021


To our wonderful officers/stewards at Caerphilly Unison this award from the Unison Wales Region is for all your hard work and dedication over the last 18 months. We know that the Branch is NOTHING without the support of its members who have kept working during exceptional circumstances. We will never forget that.
You'll never walk alone.

Caerphilly Branch Award 2021

October 2021


Wales will be first UK nation to make teaching of black histories compulsory #BlackHistoryMonth

A MONUMENT of Wales’ first black headteacher and #BlackHistoryMonth campaigner was unveiled in Cardiff.

Betty Campbell, who died in 2017 at the age of 82, defied her doubters after being told as a child that her dream to become a head teacher was “insurmountable”.

Link to the statue unveiling

October 2021

Read PDF update link here:
Black Members Newsletter


On the eve of Black History Month please find the link to a ''Black Members in UNISON'' PDF newsletter.

August - December 2021

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Art competition letter

CHILDREN'S ART COMPETITION - Deadline extended to December 1st

Public Sector Parents – Children’s Art Competition. Do you have any Picassos in your family? Caerphilly Branch brilliant Members children's art competition is now open.

Fantastic prizes to be won!
The age categories for entry are: Ages 3-6; 7-11 and 12-16.
The prizes in each category are:
1st: Laptop, Microsoft Office, printer, headphones and art-set
2nd : Tablet & art-set
3rd : Art-set

The competition is open to all UNISON Caerphilly Members children and/or grandchildren.
The closing date is Wednesday 1st December and winners will be winners notified by Friday December 10th.

Public Sector Workers
Childrens Art Competition

September 2021

date 23rd September


As #COP26 approaches & the impact of #ClimateCrisis become clear, join our FREE monthly session to find out about...
- the promise of the #JustTransition
- the idea of social partnership in Wales
- why public service jobs are #greenjobs
- the role of Green Reps

Book now for our 23rd September course, or reserve your place for October or November today

Link to our FREE monthly sessions

Greener Workplace

unison prepaid

unison rewards

September 2021


Have you seen the 2021 UNISON Wales Local Government Pension Scheme newsletter? Download it here and find out about our extensive pensions training courses. It features an article from the Branches own Pensions Officer Bob Campbell.

Link to Pension Training Courses

LG Pension Scheme

September 2021

date 7th September


Come and hear why UNISON is strongly recommending members #VoteReject on the unfair Local Government pay offer.

Join our webinar at 12:30pm on 7 September.

Link to Vote Reject pay offer

Reject Unfair Pay

September 2021

date 22nd September


Local Government and school members,

By now you would’ve had either an email or a letter outlining the Local Government Employers NJC Pay Offer for 2021/22 and the corresponding consultative ballot paper.

To have a strong mandate for any action it is VITAL you return the completed ballot to us by 5pm on Wednesday 22nd September.

If you have not had a ballot paper please contact us ASAP to request a replacement.

Also, if you are experiencing any problems with returning your ballot paper to us, or know someone who is, please get in touch and we can resolve this.


August 2021

Read PDF link here:


Dear member,
Despite your courage and sacrifice throughout COVID-19, council and school workers have been offered 1.75%. With inflation at 3.9%, that’s a real terms pay cut. UNISON is launching a consultative ballot and are strongly recommending that members vote to reject such an unfair offer.

August 2021

We Will Rock You Caerphilly Branch Competition



Click here to enter the members ticket ballot for a pair of reduced theatre tickets at £50 a pair (RRP £100) for ‘’We Will Rock You’’ on Saturday April 22nd 2022.

You must be a UNISON Caerphilly Branch Member to enter. One entry form per member, closing date 13th August and winners will be contacted week beginning 20th August.

July 2021

date 20th July


UNISON believe that council and school workers deserve a decent pay rise. Read more about the ongoing campaign below and look out for these images on Caerphilly buses soon!

Link to Fair Pay here.

Fair Pay

July 2021

date 3rd July


Come and join NHS Workers, Caerphilly Trades Council and other TUs outside Cardiff Central Station on Saturday at midday on July 3rd.

Remember: Clapping doesn't pay the bills.

NHS Workers Support

July 2021


Wales survey shows health declined for third of home workers

The mental and physical health of a third of people working from home in Wales has deteriorated because of the new ways of working.

There is also a comment from Lianne Dallimore - Branch Secretary and Cymru/Wales LG Committee Chair.

Link here to Lianne Dallimore report.


June 2021


Caerphilly UNISON are now able to offer members a new Talking Therapies initiative, which is accessed by completing a simple referral form. We can then put you in touch with a counsellor who can offer online or telephone support for issues such as work-related stress, anxiety and depression.

Sessions can be accessed quickly and arranged at a time to suit you. This support is offered free to all Blaenau Gwent UNISON members.

This initiative is being administered by Monmouthshire Branch, therefore if you would like to take up this opportunity, please email unisonmon@btconnect.com and a referral form will be sent to you. If you would like then to complete the form for you over the phone, please call 01291 675502 leaving your name, number and best time to call, and they will call you back to go through this with you. You can now apply online by clicking the link below.

Remember- it’s always good to talk #itsokaytonotbeokay Apply for Talking Therapies.

June 2021


The Westminster Government has today confirmed that they will make it mandatory for care workers to be vaccinated against covid, which is a huge disappointment to UNISON.

UNISON supports and encourages members in health and social care to take up the offer of a vaccine. But we have resisted moves from some employers to introduce changes to contracts to allow them to dismiss workers for failing to have be vaccinated and we have also opposed the Tory Government in Westminster’s suggestions that they may make it mandatory. We have argued that it is counterproductive and may reinforce some in their reluctance to have the jab. We have added again today that, in a low paid, high turnover sector, the impact of making vaccination mandatory could be a flight of workers from the sector, placing our most vulnerable at risk in a new recruitment crisis.

Cymru Wales members should be reassured that Welsh Government has consistently stated that they have no intention of following the Westminster route and that there is no need to consider it in Wales because of the high take up of vaccination amongst health and social care staff. Also, in the Social Care Fair Work Forum, the Social Care Wales representative confirmed that they do not see the failure to be vaccinated as a fitness to practice issue. We are not expecting this stance to change, though obviously, if there are any new developments, we will share this information with Branches. I’m sure that we will also be seeking fresh commitments following today’s troubling England only announcement.

Mark Turner
Regional Organiser
Lead for Social Care
UNISON Cymru Wales

June 2021


Employers can no longer mistreat staff who take part in industrial action, says UNISON. Christina McAnea hails important victory for staff involved in strikes or disputes

Employers will no longer be able to get away with mistreating any employees who take part in union-organised workplace disputes following an important legal decision, says UNISON.

Link here to Christina McAnea report.

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